List of proposed courses

The courses with English titles are delivered in English, while those in French are delivered in French.

Mandatory courses (19 ECTS)

Name No Labo ETCS
Computer skills in Biological Research 14B672 AGP 4
Elements of bioinformatics 14F001 SIB/SPH 5
Molecular Population Genetics 14B637 AGP 5
Statistics and probability 14B057 AGP 5
Programmation *
(*) except if this course, or equivalent, has been validated during the BA
12X020 AGP 3.5

Restricted choice courses (5-11 ECTS)

Name No Labo ETCS
Introduction to glycobiology 14B072 PIG 3
Phylogénie et évolution moléculaire 14B657 GENEV 5
Méthodologie de la Recherche en Biologie 14B751 AGP 3
Applied Statistics Practicum 14B951 CJB 2
Introduction à la programmation des algorithmes (*) 11X001 PIG 2
Elements of proteomics and metabolics : Translation to human diseases 14F012 SPH 3
Data mining for protein function prediction 14F016 SPH 5
Bioinformatics for interpreting functional - OMICS data 14F018 PIG 4
Modeling and Simulation of Natural Phenomena 14X015 SPC 4

Free choice courses (0-6 ECTS)

Students can choose courses from the Student Guide of the Section of Biology.